Roka rises to the Top

In a little over 3 years, Roka built a mark of quality and becomes a reference for excellence in the triathlon world.

Founded in 2013 by two swimmers seeking products to help them improve their performance, the company began producing only wetsuits, but was already showing signs that quality was a premise of the company. With an innovative vision they have developed their production to achieve high performance in the sport of swimming, biking and running or a junction of three sports in triathlon. Roka today, is a partner of Olympic, ITU and Ironman champions. Their most famous sponsored athlete is Gwen Jorgensen, the gold medalist at Rio.  Their award-winning Maverick line of wetsuits are now one of the most popular in the market  But how did Roka, in such a short time, went from zero to one of the biggest brands in triathlon?


The focus of the company has always been on technology for the comfort of the athlete, as evident in their recent run apparel line. They are woven with blind stitching and tested in order to avoid chafing injuries caused when the athlete is in motion. The structure of the clothes and the design was developed to provide greater ventilation and more freedom of movement. Male shorts have internal pockets for carrying keys and even mobile phones. Even the cool coats have special fabric technology that facilitate ventilation and at the same time protect from the cold. The elasticity of the impressive fabrics, the beautiful prints and highly comfortable modeling.



The eyewear line also comes to market with an innovative proposal: products that can be used both in training and racing as well as casual day to day use.  On the average, we have different eyewear for different purposes.  Casual glasses are heavier and larger, difficult to use in running, for example. The Roka comes to market with a line of lighter products and a good fit for casual use and rugged enough to wear for training and racing. And they come of course with wide variety of sizes and designs.  American triathlete Jessie Thomas popularized the aviator style of eyewear in competitions, and Roka took this concept and came up with a stylish design, but at the same time very light like the 20g Phantom model. It also has several internal rubber and fit system that prevents it from falling or even move.

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When it comes to swimming, the company sought a line of glasses with very sharp lens and a much larger field of view at the time he lifts his head to breathe and seek guidance. Slightly curved back, the lenses allow about 25 to more frontal vision, so the athlete does not need to raise the head much, keeping the body aligned to swim more efficiently.

To know more about Roka and their products, visit Roka.co.

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