Testing the new and lighter triathlon shoe from Pearl Izumi, the Tri Fly Octane II

Marcelo Alves and Wagner Araújo, AsiaTRI contributors
The original design Tri Fly Octane, the top of the line model of the Pearl Izumi, was developed by Ironman world champion, American Tim DeBoom. The model was quickly hailed by the triathlon community for its lightness, comfort and sole stiffness. Recently, the brand announced the Tri Fly Octane II, even lighter at 185g. We got one of the few pairs already available  to test and the results are really impressive.

Shoe available in Lightning Green color.
Shoe available in Lightning Green color.

When it comes to technology, it is very difficult to improve on something that is already good. Pearl Izumi managed to cut 21g in each shoe from its original version, making it the lightest among the specific models for triathlon. The synthetic
carbon outsole has a hardness of 12, and can be compared to the best sneakers for pure cycling.

Pearl Izumi kept some of the important features, such as the wide velcro, opening to the outside of the pedals, a short hop on the back (a position where there is a higher power transfer) and a handle to trample on the bike (which is now larger).

See the detail on the handle.

Pedaling with Pearl Izumi Tri Flu Octane

The sneaker is really light and has a very rigid sole, ideal for a damper pedal. What surprised us in the area of ergonomics were two points: the ease of putting it on and a good distribution of pressure on the feet.

The opening of the shoe is wide, thanks to the large velcro. In addition, this new version has a new auxilliary side handle to pull its heel, which makes it easy to fit the foot after climbing on the bike or on the ground.

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The rigid sole and two drain holes
The rigid sole and two drain holes.

The wide velcro is also responsible for better distribution of pressure, which does not create hot spots in the forefoot. The front is a bit wider, making it a snug, and not a tight feel for the forefoot.

The sole also has two hollow spaces with aluminum screen, so that the water can drain after the transition. Its insole has a small central elevation to follow the foot arch, increasing comfort.

Overall the feeling of riding with the Pearl Izumi Tri Fly II Octane is amazing, definitely one of the best products on the market.  It reflects the position of the brand itself, ever closer to the specifics demanded by the sport of  triathlon. In our case, buy a larger size  (in the European context) to ensure comfort and great fit. Typically we use 41, but in this case 42 was perfect, both in width and in length.




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