Lightest Cycling Shoes to be Publicly Sold after Rio Olympics

The 2016 Rio Olympics are near and tagging along are a number of technological and aesthetic innovations in triathlon and the specific sports in its discipline: swimming, cycling and running. Recently, the British track cycling team revealed the cycling shoe that they will use in the Olympic track competition, a model that will be made available to the public after the Games.

Cycling in Triathlon and many other sports, is only allowed to use equipment that are available to the general public, excluding the prototypes. Thus, the models that we will see action in Rio or are already or will be available to the general public in a few weeks.

The 100% carbon shoe to be used by Team GB riders, were first spotted when Sir Bradley Wiggins turned up with those shoes in a local time trial race.   Manufactured by a small American company, Simmons Racing, the shoe was definitely designed without ventilation or comfort in mind.  Designed to be aerodynamically-efficient and light, each shoe is custom-fitted through heat-moulding.

The pressure adjustment is made by a Sidi-like dial on the bottom, with only a small layer of rubber in the heel to prevent slipping when the athletes are walking with it.

100% Carbon Cycling Shoe from Simmons Racing
Sidi adjustment dial makes it tight and secured. Placement on the bottom makes it aero too.

Simmons Racing announced that the model will be available at a cost of $2,000 and can be customized for each athlete, just like the British team. A semi-custom model will be offered for $ 950.  Nice!

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