Iden and Spirig wins Ironman 70.3 Norway

Thanks to great run splits, both Gustav Iden and Nicola Spirig took sensational wins at the IRONMAN 70.3 Norway Haugesund.

by Volker Boch

Gustav Iden had a phenomenal IRONMAN 70.3 debut on Sunday. The 20-year-old pro shattered the race at the IRONMAN 70.3 Norway Haugesund in an impressive way.

Iden came out of the water only three seconds behind Australia’s Peter Kerr and directly behind Brit Mark Threlfall. While Kerr fell a bit behind early in the bike, a group of six formed up to race away from the rest. It was on Danish Henrik Hyldelund to make a move on the final part of the bike. He worked hard, but could only put about 100 seconds on a group of strong runners.


The two Germans Nils Frommhold and David Breuer were in great positions starting the half marathon as well as the three-time winner Filip Ospaly. Eventually, it was the young Norwegian Iden who immediately set off. Thanks to the fastest run split he started flying very early. Frommhold and Ospaly battled not only for second place but worked hard to downsize the gap to Iden. Frommhold got very close but he couldn’t touch the young racer.

The women’s race started with a clear favorite, and Nicola Spirig didn’t show a single moment of weakness throughout the whole race. She was the first woman out of the water ahead of Radka Vodickova. Danish Camilla Pedersen was about 2 minutes behind in the water, but she showed up at the front early on the bike. In her first race after a harsh crash, she entered T2 in first place in front of Spirig, with the rest of the field was already minutes behind.

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The Swiss Olympic champion nailed the win thanks to an expected fast run split, and Pedersen ranked second ahead of Brit Nikki Bartlett.

Top 5 Pro Men

1 Iden, Gustav NOR 0:20:22 2:09:19 1:11:28 3:44:34
2 Frommhold, Nils DEU 0:20:26 2:09:13 1:11:47 3:45:05
3 Ospaly, Filip CZE 0:20:29 2:09:00 1:12:35 3:45:48
4 Hyldelund, Henrik DNK 0:20:24 2:06:57 1:20:00 3:51:47
5 Thomschke, Markus DEU 0:22:20 2:10:19 1:15:47 3:52:30

Top 5 Pro Women

1 Spirig, Nicola CHE 0:21:47 2:25:16 1:18:32 4:09:37
2 Pedersen, Camilla DNK 0:23:44 2:23:07 1:24:24 4:15:35
3 Cheetham, Susie GBR 0:23:43 2:24:42 1:25:45 4:18:29
4 Bartlett, Nikki GBR 0:25:22 2:27:20 1:28:34 4:25:38
5 Lie, Kristin NOR 0:30:37 2:30:30 1:29:18 4:35:27


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