Triclub Profile: Tadonamo from Malaysia, winner of the 2015 Asian Triclub invitational

Tadonamo was the winner of the 2015 Asian Triclub invitational at Ironman Langkawi, with over 2.000 members, this club from Malaysia aims to promote the sport in the regions with members of all abilities from high performance to beginner triathletes.

Website: https://www.facebook.com/groups/tadonamo.triathlete/

Photo: Nik Fahusnaza
Photo: Nik Fahusnaza


TADONAMO TRIATHLETES was founded in 2010 by two friends who love to do the camaraderie of training together for triathlons and wanted to share their passion with others athletes. At first, they nad no association and no name, thus it was “TADONAMO”


The core value of TADONAMO TRIATHLETES remain the same even as the group has grow beyond what the two friends could have ever imagined. Today TADONAMO TRIATHLETES members number over 2.000 triatletes from all backgrounds and walks of life, at all levels in their pursuit of triathlon. All members, be they newbies or pros, are equally valuable members of the group, sharing and learning from each other’s experiences. Tadonamo is unique in that it is not bound by a structured team but is driven by the passion, heart and energy of members who volunteer each according to their capability.


TADONAMO believes the experiences of triathletes are enhanced by taking this journey with friends who share the same passion. Members pursue health and wellness at their respective levels and are encouraged to go as far as they desire in the sport of triathlon. Tadonamo aims to promote and improve the quality of life of its members,  associates and the local community.

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Other facts

The biggest triathlon club in Malaysia with 3 awards in 2015 by  IRONMAN TriClub Program
a) 1st Place in Division 1
b) TriClub Participation Award
c) Most Supportive TriClub Award

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