Your personal mechanical – new App that helps you adjusting your derailleur

Working on your bike derailleur  can be very challenging even for experienced athletes, for that reason hiring a professional is always recommended, but often, this isn’t possible, with this situation in mind, the founders of the app Otto developed an algorithm to make any bike rider a mechanical using your own smartphone. Other than downloading the app, you will also need to purchase an alignment set (40USD)

With this app, you can adjust your gears to your personal preference combined with the data captured by your phone camera. While it may sound simple, the algorithm behind this app is an extremely complex math formula

The most basic set up is to check if your derailleurs are working well and aligned. Then you have the mode “Tune” that suggests you the necessary adjustments either on the cable tension or derailleurs screws, that can be done by anyone following the instructions.

You can also create a profile for each of your own bike as they may use different components and have different readings while still all functioning well. Pricing is: 3,99usd for 7 days, 12,00usd for 9o days and 39,99 por the year membership.

The app is compatible with both Shimano and SRAM of 9 to 11 speeds. The app supports iOs 8.1 or newer versions for iPhone 5 or newer models. An android and Campagnolo compatible version is expected to launch early 2016.

Download the app here  and watch the below video on how it works 


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