Training: Enjoying the Off Season

By Vinnie Santana, Coach, ironguides.net

It is likely that as you are reading this article, the season has finished or is about to end. Few races are on the calendar at the end of the year, due to the traditional holiday season, leading to a perfect opportunity for a short break from training between seasons.

It is this time of year we also plan and get excited with professional and personal changes and of course, triathlon is part of that planning. But what is the best way to take a sport holiday? We must continue the same training, even if a bit? What benefits will it bring me?

The article below describes the three main benefits of an off-season, and contains tips on what to do (or not do) while enjoying your vacation from Triathlon.


Benefit 1: Mental Rest

The mental rest, or in other words, recharging your motivation, is probably the most important point of a rest at the end of the season. It is this which will generate fuel for all those workouts and sacrifices you will make the following year.

Have you noticed, for example, how you feel guilty when you need to miss a workout? And will you feel the “offset” of that loss in the days? Keep this in mind, by the end of the rest period, you already cannot bear to be without the strict discipline of training and are now itching to get that first sheet from your coach and return to routine to achieve your goals. If this feeling has not yet come up, enjoy and rest for longer!

Look to completely change your routine. Even if you still want to do some triathlon training without structure, choose different places, different training mates and just enjoy the sport.

A good tip for this time of year is to spend your free time on your second hobby (after the Triathlon!) That often gets overlooked during the season. Be it cooking, camping, parties, or other sports.

It’s the perfect opportunity to get out of line and do things you would not dare during the season. What do you do is up to you, but the important thing is to not resist the temptation now, as it will help to resist them when it is really important.

The main thing is to avoid the thinking and and talking about triathlon, try to forget your sport for these few weeks and do not think you are losing your physical form. Following this advice, you will be amazed at your motivation in the new season.

Benefit 2: Physical Rest

We can make an analogy between the physical rest at the end of the year and the famous saying “take a step back to take two forward.”

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For professional athletes, the end of season is an important time, and the momentary loss of physical form is seen as natural and subtle, because due to years of experience in the sport, these athletes know that this loss is only temporary. Great benefits will be seen following fresh starts and in a few weeks the training will bring the same income as the previous year, but the motivation and desire to train will be much greater.

Already amateur athletes see the loss of conditioning as a tragic thing. The feeling is strong as you trained all year to improve, and will now let it all go away. It is important to understand that a rest structured in your periodization this time of year, can save you a forced rest in the middle of the season or right before your most important test. In the case of lack of motivation, excessive fatigue or injury, these three factors are a result of lack of rest at the right time.

Benefit 3: Plan your season without any pressure or stress

It is important not to make your planning for the following year during the current season because your goals may be influenced by insignificant results or even influenced by moments of anger and disappointment. When choosing a goal, try to do it in periods without stress and with a clear mind. Once your goals are outlined, stay firm and focused in any case; avoid making decisions especially when things are not going as planned.

During this period of rest, probably, your coach already has some ideas in mind, which he must share with you on your return to training. There are more complex issues to be discussed later, as international travel or registrations for events that have filled quickly.

At the end of your rest period, think about the questions below and discuss some of these issues with your coach, as appropriate:

What is my main goal for next year and how can I earn it? Develop a timeline walkthrough that will help you achieve that goal. Even with different objectives, ranging from finishing your first long triathlon or even win an international race, you need a plan with steps outlined. ·.

What was my weak point over the past year and how work to improve it? Be in behavior (such as discipline and dedication) or specific details (such as a poor start to prove that always results in a proof rest with slower athletes). It is difficult to focus on several errors at the same time, choose the main ones and address them, as this will bring you more benefits.

Food: You have reached your maximum potential in terms of body composition? If the answer is no, ask why and define where you can improve. Remember that some pounds less is one of the fastest ways to improve your efficiency in the race.

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X Training evidence in the past year: Was your performance in races was up to your performance in practice? If not, discuss this with your coach and get his opinion, it may be that there is some important detail that is being forgotten before or during your competitions.

Take your time. It’s likely that your first few weeks are of light training that will only get you into the rhythm. You still have time to start the specific plans and match to the objectives set up.

What can or can you not exactly do during vacation?

Defining exactly what to do or not during your vacation is something very individual and should be discussed with your coach, but some guidelines are appropriate for almost all athletes.

Take between 1-3 weeks of complete rest, without doing any activity related to triathlon.

If combining with active rest in the days do some triathlon activity, keep a low intensity and low volume for at most forty minutes.

It is forbidden to structure sets during this period.

Avoid attend training environments that are your routine during the season, such as the gym or running track, do your active rest drills in unfamiliar places.

Look to combine your professional holiday with sport, as rest from training while you are at work will not bring the same results.

Follow all the steps above and get ready for your best season next year!

Enjoy your training!

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