Best triathlon races in Asia – 2015

Another year is past us and the amount of races in Asia keeps on increasing, our 2015 calendar had over 60 events in over 10 different countries. This year, AsiaTRI covered over 30 events, from local triathlons to all the world championships, no other media outlet was present is so many triathlon races in the region, which allows us to create a list of the best events of the year. Here are the best of 2015, broken down in both long and short course:

Best Overall Race

Short Course: Pattaya Triathlon

Pattaya is a ninety minute drive from Bangkok International Airport. In 2014, it was part of the Thailand Tri-League. The goal Pattaya Triathlon is to provide an all-around experience to the participants and family members, from a very safe swim and bike course, to a challenging run course and fun post-race activities.

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Long Course: Ironman 70.3 Cebu

The reputation of the best triathlon race in Asia still holds and in 2016 Ironman 70.3 Cebu was selected to host the Asia-Pacific Championships. When we select the best race, we combine factors such as access, organizers, scenic course, challenging enough for a beginner, hosting venue, and the fun factor of both during and after the race. It’s hard to beat Cebu for an overall Ironman 70.3 experience

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Most Challenging Race

Short Course: Laguna Phuket Triathlon

There aren’t many triathlons that can be described as ” fun & challenging”  in the same sentence but LPT (Laguan Phuket Triathlon) is one of them, the swim is both in the ocean and lagoon, the transition in between the two is a test itself, the short and steep hills early on the bike course will test your legs and the heat and humidity on the run won’t make this your fastest run split, but one of the best overall experiences you can get

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Long Course: Ironman Langkawi

Covering the distance of an Ironman event is already challenging enough, throw in a demanding bike course and the heat of the tropics and you are set for a very challenging day. The new Ironman Langkawi course improved the race in several ways, the swim and run is a lot more scenic, made it a few degrees cooler and provided the athletes some shaded sections on the run course with a gentle breeze, but it still one of the most challenging ironman events in the global circuit.

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Best Inaugural event

Short Course: Pattaya Triathlon

If an event takes the title of “best of the year” and it was its ianugural edition, it may also take the title in this category for the same reasons.

Long Course: Ironman 70.3 Vietnam

Vietnam has very little triathlon culture, to organize a long course event that cuts across the city and requires close or controlled traffic on the local villages, this create several challenges that were well addressed by the organizers of the inaugural Ironman 70.3 Vietnam in Da Nang. Not only the course was great, but the athlete and supporter experience, the hosting hotel is a five-start resort by the beach and both athletes and supporters have plenty of activities to do before and after the race in the nearby tourist attractions of Hoi An and Da Nang

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Race with the Best Swim Course

Short Course: 5150 Bohol

Bohol (Philippines) is a world class diving destination and you get to experience part of that on the swim leg of the Bohol 5150 Triathlon. The shallow waters, mid-20’s celcius, also makes it a beginner friendly swim. Just don’t get too distracted during your race with the amout of fish and starfishes you will see during your swim.

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Long Course: Ironman 70.3 Vietnam

Da Nang is Vietnam’s most popular tourist destination when it comes to spending time in a paradisiac beach, the sun comes up very early in Vietnam, so even a 6.30am start time allows you to fully enjoy the experience of swimming in one of the nicest city beaches in the world.

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Race with the Best Bike Course

Short Course: 5150 Subic Bay

If your goal is to be entertained during the entire bike course, Subic Bay 5150 is your choice. Start the bike leg by riding at an airport runaway and next to airplanes, then hit some of the local hills to test your legs, before encountering the fast and most scenic part of the bike course overlooking the Bay. Road quality is also great and traffic closed or well controlled, making it a safe, fun and fast ride.

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Long Course: Ironman 70.3 Bintan

Most race organizers are challenged with space for their bike courses, this isn’t the case for Bintan, making it one of the only one-loop bike courses long distance triathlons in Asia. Road quality is superb, traffic is very well controlled and the mos timportant, it’s a fun and challenging course with almost no flat sections, although the hills aren’t steep, for most of the 90km bike course you will either be going up or down.

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Race with the Best Run Course

Short Course: Golden Triangle Triathlon

This exotic triathlon in the North of Thailand takes you to 3 different countries during your race, the swim starts in Laos, the bike course (and hosting venue) is in Thailand and the run course takes you to Myanmar then back to Thailand. Running past immigration gates and watching the scenery change from a quiet Thailand to a dense Myanmar is an epic experience!

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Long Course: Ironman 70.3 Cebu

At the Ironman 70.3 run course Cebu you will experience a little of everything, the local crowds line up on most of the course cheering on the athletes, the course is partially shaded, with some very gentle ondulations and takes you past ocean views, a nice and fun variety with plenty of spectators to cheer on you.

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Most convenient Race

Short Course: Laguna Phuket Triathlon

Laguna Phuket is a multi-hotel complex only a short drive from Phuket International airport, while you are racing your supportes can enjoy the beach and other local tourist attractions while benefiting from the Laguna Phuket shuttle services. Supporters have the chance to watch you in between the ocean and lagoon swim, then on the multi-loop run course. Once done with the event you can spend the rest of the day at one of Phuket’s famous beaches before hiting the famous awards-party ceremony

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Long Course: Ironman 70.3 Putrajaya

If you are tight in time and can’t afford to take too many days off work for an event, Ironman 70.3 Putrajaya is your long course race to do. Putrajaya is only twenty minutes drive from Kuala Lumpur International airport, one of the airport hubs in Asia, this is probably the only Ironman 70.3 race in Asia that you can fly in on a Saturday morning then fly out on Sunday evening. The conveniences don’t stop at the location, the organizers provides shuttle buses in between hotels, expo, registrations, race venue, awards cerimony. Just fly in and everything else will be very easy and smooth

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Best Destination race

Short Course: Bali Triathlon

Bali itself is one of the most famous destination in Asia, the hosting venue, Jimbaran Bay, is less than twenty minutes away from the Airport, making it a very convenient and easy access race. Then once in Bali you can mix the usual tourist tours and on race day the course itself makes it for a nice Bali Tour, with several temples and ocean views.

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Long Course: Ironman 70.3 Bintan 

Bintan can be easily accessed from Singapore, it’s less than one hour ferry away and the hosting venue is very close to the pier. The beaches in Bintan are still not fully discovered by the traditional tourist routes, so you get to spend time in paradise before, during and after your race.

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Best Duathlon

Powerman Philippines

Duathlon is often the first step for a triathlon for the runner who is looking for an alternative and can’t swim yet. Powerman Philippines brough to Asia the opportunity for the local Duathletes to experience a world class event, which includes the qualification for the Powerman World Duathlon Championships, one of the most traditional endurance events in the world, that has seen as winners legends such as Mark Allen and Jurgen Zack.


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