Jan Frodeno, Daniela Ryf, are the 2015 Ironman 70.3 World Champions

Today, in the first-ever IRONMAN 70.3 World Championship on European soil, Jan Frodeno and Daniela Ryf claimed victory with a time of 3:51:19 and 4:11:34, respectively.  Nearly 2,500 other athletes from 70 countries also competed in this globally recognized event.

Jan Frodeno is the 2015 Ironman 70.3 World Champion (©Nils Nilsen/Ironman.)

Men’s race

Frodeno raced amongst an incredible field consisting of fellow German and IRONMAN World Champion, Sebastian Kienle, IRONMAN 70.3 defending champion, Javier Gomez, IRONMAN Champion, Tim Don and Australia’s seven-time IRONMAN 70.3 winner, Tim Reed, to name just a few. A sizeable pack of men exited the swim together, but Frodeno claimed fourth into the transition area with a swim time of 22:14. Frodeno gained momentum during the technical 56-mile bike, battling fellow Germans, Andreas Dreitz and Andi Boecherer, entering T2 in 2nd place, just 45 seconds behind Dreitz.  Despite hot conditions on the half-marathon run course, Frodeno kept a steady pace and held off competition. The top ten men’s results are outlined below:


                                                                 SWIM              BIKE                RUN              FINISH

  1. Jan Frodeno                 GER          00:22:14          02:09:04            01:16:32        03:51:19
  2. Sebastian Kienle           GER          00:24:04          02:09:54            01:15:22        03:52:48
  3. Javier Gomez                ESP          00:22:12          02:13:38            01:15:35        03:55:05
  4. Bart Aernouts                BEL          00:25:38          02:12:07            01:14:55        03:56:28
  5. Michael Raelert              GER          00:22:15          02:13:19            01:17:17        03:56:34
  6. Andi Boecherer             GER          00:22:12          02:09:00            01:21:44        03:56:52
  7. Jan Van Berkel              SUI           00:22:27          02:13:15            01:18:34        03:57:47
  8. Tyler Butterfield             BER          00:24:05          02:13:48            01:17:19        03:58:44
  9. Andreas Dreitz              GER          00:23:04          02:07:35            01:24:37        03:58:58
  10. Albert Molins                 ESP          00:24:30          02:14:32            01:16:58        04:00:11
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Women’s race

A strong women’s contingent was seen in today’s event with top names such as IRONMAN Canada winner from the USA, Meredith Kessler, IRONMAN 70.3 South Africa Winner, Jodie Swallow, IRONMAN 70.3 Boulder winner, Alicia Kaye and six-time IRONMAN Champion, Heather Wurtele of Canada. Ryf also completed the swim in fourth position in 23:46 and gained strength as she traveled along the bike course. She battled to hold off Germany’s Anja Beranek, who came into T2 second while Canada’s Magali Tisseyre moved from fourth to third over Alicia Kaye. Ryf had a strong run even with the warm temperatures and high humidity. Similar to the men’s podium finishers, Ryf celebrated alongside the 2nd and 3rd place females, Wurtele and Beranek, with a champagne toast and flower ceremony at the finish line. The top ten women’s results are as follows:


                                                     SWIM              BIKE                RUN              FINISH

  1. Daniela Ryf                   SUI           00:23:46          02:21:10            01:22:51        04:11:34
  2. Heather Wurtele             CAN          00:26:33          02:27:39            01:24:56        04:23:07
  3. Anja Beranek                 GER          00:24:32          02:24:18            01:31:17        04:24:10
  4. Magali Tisseyre             CAN          00:24:55          02:27:56            01:28:45        04:25:33
  5. Alicia Kaye                    USA          00:24:03          02:28:58            01:30:35        04:27:39
  6. Julia Gajer                     GER          00:24:46          02:33:06            01:27:33        04:29:53
  7. Susie Cheetham            GBR          00:26:34          02:34:52            01:25:01        04:30:31
  8. Ricarda Lisk                  GER          00:24:03          02:35:38            01:27:14        04:30:47
  9. Lauren Barnett               USA          00:26:36          02:32:18            01:27:52        04:31:00
  10. Emma Bilham                USA          00:24:52          02:32:38            01:30:24        04:31:47


The impressive field of athletes tackled a 1.2-mile (1.9 km) swim in Lake Zell, followed by a 56-mile (90 km) bicycle ride through the Austrian Alps and a 13.1-mile (21 km) run around Zellar Lake finishing in the picturesque old town of Zell am See-Kaprun, all of which was completed before an eight and a half hour cutoff time.  In order to qualify for the World Championship, age-group athletes earned slots at more than 70 IRONMAN 70.3 events held worldwide. Nearly 100,000 spectators cheered athletes to victory in the city center of Zell am-See and throughout the various areas surrounding the course.

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Daniela Ryf takes the 2015 Ironman 70.3 World Championsips (©Nils Nilsen/Ironman.)
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