Ironcowboy completes the challenge of 50 Ironmans in 50 days on 50 USA’s states

Triathlete James Lawrence, also known as Ironcowboy, finished yesterday the challenge of completing 50 Ironmans over 50 days in 50 different USA’s states.



My goal is to simply inspire other people to become more active and healthier. This work I’m building together with Jamie Oliver Food Foundation, all of us can pick up this fight against obesity.


Following these principles, James raised funds for Jamie Oliver Foundation and engaged the local community on each state he passed by, encouraging locals to join him on the final 5km of of his daily ironman, there was a registration fee for that ‘run’ which was donated to Jamie Oliver Foundation.

James is a father of five and he believes inspiring the kids is the only way to fix the obesity problem in the USA and in the world. His total numbers were 11.300km – his last day was in Utah, where he is from and when he beat his own record of completing 49 ironmans in one year, his previous feat when he traveled with his family with a campervan over a year across the USA.


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