A detailed look at the Ventum, the new triathlon specific superbike

Ventum is a new bike brand that has arrived in the triathlon industry promising to be the fastest bike ever. Unlike most other new brands that break into the market, Ventum didn’t copy any of the top bike’s design, instead, they are coming out with a totally new concept and design.


AsiaTRI had access to a prototype which will serve as the benchmark for the retail bike that will soon be available in the market. Here are some details we noticed:

1. On the top tube, there’s a hydration bladder that can store up to 1.5 liters and improves the frame’s aerodynamic, creating a smooth airflow around the top tube and bladder combo.

2. While the frame may look a little fragile, the carbon fiber grade is the stiffer available in the market and there are extra layers on specific parts of the frame to increase stiffness. The lack of downtube makes this a non-UCI legal, thus not allowed in professional cycling races, but the brand is targeting the triathlon market only

3. The chain stay is thicker and higher compared to a standard bike frame, to offset any loss of stiffness from the lack of seat stays.

4. The prototype that we had access to, there’s only the option for cable routine of electronic shifting, the battery sits hidden inside the frame.

5. The seat tube is a key part of the design and stiffness of the frame, it’s a once piece that connects with the top tube and the hydration bladder.

6. Detailed above, the massive bottom bracket to increase the frame stiffness.

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7. The thin and aerodycamic design allowed a great performance in the wind tunnel.

8. Note that the chain stays are different in thickness and design from side to side.

9. The design is certainly nice and the Ventum is one of the only triathlon specifics bikes on the market these days (along with Ceepo, Quintana Roo, Dimond and Falcom). We hope to see more of these bikes in the local races soon.


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