9 Most Insane Triathlons in the World -2

6- SwissMan Xtreme Triathlon


Location: Jungfrau – Switzerland

This is the second triathlon in the Xtreme series, and a full distance triathlon. During the 180km cycling, athletes go through three mountains in the Alps. It is noteworthy that there are simple climbs, but respectful mountains. In the 42km race, athletes go up the Jungfrau Glacier. These landscapes of contrasting changes make the SwissMan Xtreme Triathlon one of the most amazing competitions on earth.


Event website: http://www.suixtri.com/en/news/


Event Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KieNTlI69Fs



5- Newton 24 Triathlon

Location: Lake Mills, Wisconsin – United States

From here our list starts to get into the insane. Imagine doing 24 hours of swimming, cycling and running without stopping. Because that is what is done in the Newton 24h Triathlon. As a team or individual, each athlete has to fulfill the greatest possible distance in swimming, cycling and running.

Each leg has 380m swimming, 18km cycling and 4,2km race. The swim is not allowed overnight, so athletes just go through the cycling and running legs. In the event that two teams or two competitors are tied in total distance traveled, the tiebreaker will be the last fastest lap.

Event website: http://www.24hoursoftri.com/


Event Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZwRZa1YzRcg


4 Double Brutal Triathlon

Location: Llanberis – Wales

This is nothing less than a double full Ironman distance that takes place in September. Competitors face the distance of a 7.6km swim in the beautiful but very cold, Padam Lake, followed by 360km of cycling through the night and a double marathon of 84km, which is not enough in distance itself, but ascends the highest mountain in Wales.

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Event website: http://www.brutalevents.co.uk/index.html


Event Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=89G7E3u6-Qg


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