Mitch Robins and Shiao-Yu Li wins Ironman 70.3 Japan

Mitch Robins from Australia but who is based in Subic Bay Philippines and Taiwan’s Shiao-Yu Li were the winners of the 2015 Ironman 70.3 Japan in Nagoya.


Mitchell Robins started his day with leading the swim pack with a race-best swim in 22:43, on his toes there were five athletes, Japan’s Kuniaki Takahama and Kaito Tohara, Australians  Alex Reithmeier, Derek Cross and Ryan Waddington.

After the bike leg, Robins’ race-best 2:19:52 split gave him a 56 seconds lead on Reithmeier (2:20:47), 1:51 on Waddington (2:21:46), 1:52 on Cross (2:47:12) and 4:16 on Tohara.

Robins closed with a 3rd-fastest 1:18:18 run split which gave away 26 seconds to Waddington (race-best 1:17:52 run) but still afforded Robins to finish in 4:04:59 with a 1:38 margin of victory over Waddington. Reithmeier ran 1:19:48 and finished 3rd, 2:31 after the winner. Tohara ran a 2nd-fastest 1:18:13 to finish 4th, 4:10 behind the winner.

We did an interview with Mitch Robins who talks more about his racing and training life in Subic Bay Philippines – check it here.


Hawaii based Bree Wee led the swim in 23:03 which gave her a 1:44 lead on Sandra Fantini of France, 1:46 on Keiko Tanaka of Japan, 4:08 on Mami Ishii of Japan, 5:42 on Stef Puszka of Australia and 6:12 and 6:13 on Shiao-Yu Li of Taiwan and Emi Sakai of Japan.

After a women’s best 2:34:24 bike split, Li advanced to second place, pulling within 1:21 of leader Tanaka, who posted a women’s 2nd-best 2:38:32 bike split. Wee fell to 3rd after a women’s 4th-best 2:42:54 bike split.

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With the days best run in 1:28:21, Li finished in 4:37:40 with a 1:35 margin of victory over Tanaka (1:31:31 run split) and 11:55 over 3rd-place finisher Wee (1:38:12 run).

This was Li’s third Ironman professional win, adding to her two wins at Ironman Japan.

Lixil Ironman 70.3 Japan, Tokoname City, Japan (June 7, 2015)
1.8k swim / 90k bike / 21k run



1. Mitchell Robins (AUS) 4:04:59
2. Ryan Waddington (AUS) 4:06:37
3. Alex Reithmeier (AUS) 4:07:30
4. Kaito Tohara (JPN) 4:09:09
5. Swen Sundberg (GER) 4:15:45

1. Shiao-Yu Li (TWN) 4:37:40
2. Keiko Tanaka (JPN) 4:39:15
3. Bree Wee (USA) 4:49:35
4. Stef Puszaka (AUS) 4:50:44
5. Emi Sakai (JPN) 4:51:29

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