Laguna Phuket Triathlon, a must-do race in Asia



By Vinnie Santana

Having lived in South-East Asia for the past four years, I have had the chance to coach people to most of the key events in this part of the world. The Laguna Phuket Triathlon is one of the most popular event among triathletes from all over Asia. Accessed through direct flights that are less than a couple of hours away from several main cities in Asia, this event provides a challenging and fun course, superb accommodation and a breathtaking venue. It is a great weekend, with a mix of hard racing and partying by celebrating the end of the season.


Swim (1.8km)

A beach-run start is always a fun way to begin a race. However, unless you are trying to place in your age group, take this run relatively easy: otherwise you will spike your heart rate and it will take a couple of hundred meters in the water to catch your breath.

The first half of the swim is held in the beautiful waters of Bangtao Beach. There are usually no currents and waves which makes the first part of the swim relatively easy.

Then you run another 100 meters across the beach to dive into the resort’s lagoon. This is a challenge since the ocean water has a higher density than the lagoon (or a swimming pool), so there is a sinking feeling for the first few hundred meters of the next swim section.

You can simulate this change in training with the following swim set:

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Choice warm-up
[3x100m hard with the pull buoy – 10sec rest
3x100m hard without pull buoy – 10sec rest
2x100m very easy recovery – 60sec rest]
X2-3 (do the set above two or three times, depending on your experience)

Swimming with a pull buoy helps you float better. It also changes your balance and technique in the water. When you take the pull buoy off and do another several hundred meters of repeats at race-pace effort, you will feel the difference in terms of how high you are in the water—exactly the same way you feel when you switch from the ocean to the lagoon in the Phuket swim!

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