Video: 3 Most Common Mistakes in Triathlon Swimming

Thanyapura Swim and Triathlon Coach David Ballesteros discusses the 3 Most Common Mistakes triathletes make in swimming. Presented by Thanyapura Online Coaching – More info: Follow usShare this article
Posted On Dec 14 2017
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Training: Stroke Rate – Cadence – Stride Frequency

By Alun Woodward, coach, One of the 5 systems we look to train when designing a program is called neuromuscular, this term simply means the link between brain and muscle. When we see a regular program we might expect to see sessions set to heart rate or effort...

Training article: Swim Fit

By Alun “Woody” Woodward, coach, SWIM FIT Swimming is often overlooked in Ironman as it’s seen as a short warm up before the main event. This thinking has led to swim training being overlooked or the bare minimum of work being done so athletes can...

Swim training tool: Ankle Bands

By Shem Leong, Coach, Pullbuoys feel great because they help you float nicely in the water. Paddles immediately let you know that you’re working harder and increase your distance per stroke. Everybody is happy to use these 2 tools because they enhance the...

Swim clinic – shoulders blowing up early into swims

By Alun “Woody” Woodward, Coach – A common problem among swimmers and triathletes is the sensation of shoulders blowing up very early on in races or hard session’s, this just leaves us feeling weak and uncoordinated for the remainder of the...

How to avoid common mistakes in Triathlon swimming

For effective triathlon swimming you need to develop technique that is appropriate to our sport.
Posted On Sep 26 2014