Interview with Brent McMahon: 12 second to Ironman World record

    Posted On Jun 03 2016

      AsiaTRI: Brent, what did you change from last year to now in terms of preparation to Ironman Florianopolis?

      Brent McMahon: race week I did exactly the same as I did last year. I also did very similar training between St George and IMBrasil as I did last year. What was different was working on run speed earlier in the year and then bike strength.


      AsiaTRI: Do you think it was your best race ever? What were the critical points during the race to achieve that performance?

      Brent McMahon: this was definitely one of my best races ever. When I broke away from the group 3/4 of the way through the he first bike lap. That decision made me commit to going for the win on the bike.

      AsiaTRI: How did you feel during the run after such an incredible bike split?

      Brent McMahon: I felt very good running.  I actually had to hold back the first 30km so I could keep even pacing and be strong on the final 10k. Being alone on the bike meant I could ride smoothly and not put surges in which hurts the legs.

      AsiaTRI: I guess you didn’t know you could brake the Ironman record, right? If so had you enough energy to push even harder?

      Brent McMahon: I didn’t know I was close to 7:46 until the final 2km and I picked up 25seconds in those last 2km. So if I had known earlier I have no doubt I could have done it.

      AsiaTRI: You always look very excited about racing in Brazil, why?

      Brent McMahon: there are such great fans here and a very relaxed atmosphere.

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      AsiaTRI: Now you got the Kona slot you’ll change anything in your preparation? Can you rest a bit more and choose wisely your races?

      Brent McMahon: I already had my Kona spot based on points before the race so this was about going hard and fast at an ironman and trying to win. So I will stay on the plan as scheduled now.

      AsiaTRI: Goals for Kona? Top 3? Winning?

      Brent McMahon: I will be going to try and win. I thought I could have a shot last year but this year I truly believe I can make it happen.

      AsiaTRI: Do you think you guys from ITU will dominate completely the Ironman circuit in a few years?

      Brent McMahon: I think there will be some non ITU guys but it is now just the common development path for athletes. Short distance then get longer as you get older.

      AsiaTRI: Brazil in one sentence…

      Brent McMahon: Tremendous

      AsiaTRI: Are you coming to watch the Olympics?

      Brent McMahon: unfortunately no. Would love to though.

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